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Return of the Zombie King

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Buy back your body parts and reclaim your kingdom!

Buy back
your body parts

You were a good (maybe a bit in love with money) King but your subjects did not respect you and had you drowned. You are back but are just a husk of your former self. Collect your gold. Buy back all your body parts and reclaim your throne.

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Very fun, very creative game

Unhappy Shopper 1
App Store Reviewer

Worth some of your time

Return of the Zombie King is certainly worth some of your time.

Emily Sowden
Pocket Gamer

Best Games of 2016

Return of the Zombie King blew me away

Eli Hodap
Editor-in-chief Touch Arcade


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Frequently Asked

Why do I need to enter my email address for the gold mines

The official Return To Adventure Mountain Fun Club is a Free mailing list I offer for anyone to join. I like to think of it as a “Fan Club” for my games. I don’t SPAM people who join it I just give away cool stuff. The Bonus Mines are just one of the benefits of joining the fan club.

Ya but why do you do it?

Making a living off of games is very hard. There are so many games released every day that it is hard to get anyone to notice me. My mailing list is the best way for me to get in contact with people who like my games and earn a basic income.

Can I beta test your games?

Absolutely! I love getting feedback. Email me at iamchriszukowski ~~AT~~ gmail.com with the subject line BETA! and I will tell you what the next steps are.

What engine did you use to make your game in?

I use Gamemaker Studio 2 and I totally recommend using it. You can make games so quickly using it.

I also use the following platformer engine to do the heavy lifting of the physics.